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Please browse the website to see how we can help you manufacture apparel for your brand or group that not only gets maximum exposure but is also highly functional and stylish.
We pride our selves on being able to work with you and design truly unique apparel.

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Te Anau Enduro 2017 Official Apparel

Joyride Apparel is the official Apparel provider for the iconic Te Anua Enduro 2017 Please find the official apparel in our shop.

Theres no sport or discipline we cant manufacture for.

Joyride manufacture custom apparel for a wide range both sporting and casual, theres no sport we cannot cater specifically to. We can even design high perfomance sporting apparel to meet your needs.

We manufacture custom apparel based on your level of budget and performance requirements and offer industry fastest delivery and also industry smallest minimums - none!
Joyride can manufacture using premium Italian materials processed with Italian and Japanese machinery to deliver high performance custom apparel at home on the most demanding level.
All of this is done fast, and we offer Joyride's RAPID Delivery service that offers an 8 day dispatch alternative to our normal 20 day dispatch service.

Contact us and let us guide you through the process.

  • No minimums
  • Fast
  • Premium Italian materials
  • Premium performance

Joyride Apparel operates an online store allowing online ordering and purchasing. You can direct your customers to us and we can handle point of sale and delivery.

Below is some of the stores we are operating currently.


Te Anua Enduro

Official Te Anau Enduro 2017 Apparel

Canterbury Time Trial Association

Official CTTA apparel provider


Calder Stewart Cycling Series 2017

Joyride Apparel is proud to be sponsoring and associated with 5 teams for the 2017 Elite Series. Joyride Cycle Surgery | PKF | BlackMax | CTTA Joyride - Masters | Cycle Surgery - Women

PKF top
Black Max ES 2017
CTTA Joyride ES 2017 Jersey
Cycle Surgery Jersey

Calder Stewart Cycling Series 2016

Joyride apparel sponsored and supported teams had a successful 2016 Calder Stewart cycling series


Modus Construct

Modus Construct enjoyed a successful 2016 series with many results.

Round 1

  • 3rd Elite, 1st and 2nd U23

Round 2

  • 1st Elite, 2nd and 3rd U23

Round 4

  • 1st and 2nd Elite, 1st 2nd and 3rd U23

Round 6

  • 1st Elite

Series Overall

  • 2nd and 3rd U23
  • 2nd Team overall

Joyride Apparel

Round 3

  • 2nd U23